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Are you looking for a room or studio during your study in The Netherlands? Sons Real Estate specializes in student housing on national level. We offer rooms, studios and shared housing with nondependent rooms. Each year there is a growth of national and international students in The Netherlands who are looking for a room.

Be prepared

Because of the enormous growth, it is important to arrange your accommodation before you arrive in the Netherlands. It gives you time to find the right accommodation, you don’t have to make hasty decisions and it prevents you from ending up in a much too expensive room or studio.

Quality management of student rooms

Sons Real Estate has a new range of student rooms available every day in all major a smaller student cities in the Netherlands. The rooms that we offer all comply with the rules regarding the point system. First, we check every room or studio that are offered by a landlord against the quality standard regarding the point system. Via this way, the student is assured of a quality room that is never too expensive.

Let us find a room or house based on your requirements

For privacy reasons of the tenants and landlords, we do not place many of the student rooms online. That is why it is wise to add yourself to our waiting list, free of charge. If you added yourself to our waiting list, you will be the first to be informed of our new offers!
Contact Are you interested after reading this article? You can take contact directly via our e-mail address: We will answer your e-mail within a workday! For Dutch students you might take a look here.

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